locked Re: Blindschools shelter their students and don't prepear them for the sighted world

jan howells <gale7978@...>

I write my budget down. What is left over after paying the priority bills is my surplus. I then divide that by four, to get an idea of how much I have left over for recreational spending. I make a list of my needs and my wants. I have been taught this at my request. I have filed for bankruptcy twice. I finally cut up all my credit cards and threw them away. I never want to see another. I feel like a thief. I kept losing track of the interest. I tried to consolidate with a debt management company. A credit card company sued me because they were not being paid enough. So to protect myself, I filed for bankruptcy. But this was the second time. They let me take a two part course over the phone and get two credit certificates before bankruptcy completion was final. I kept all of my notes. They sent me the manuals of lessons and his workbooks in emails, so that I could have them in braille. I have kept them stored as files in folders. They are open book tests, and they give you the answers for each quiz. They give you the answers for the final test. They give you the test at the beginning and at the end, to see how much you know, and how much you have learned. They do not collect your answers. The computer lets them know when you have completed listening to the lessons, and your certificate is generated and sent in an email to you. I have to get someone to print out my certificates so that I have hard copies of them.

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