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chris judge

The host does have the option to disable this feature so attendents can chat before the host arrives.

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Hi Anne. Not Gene, but I can shed some light on your question. If you are invited to a Zoom Meeting, you can join the meeting at any time as long as you have the meeting ID. This is usually included in an invitation sent by the meeting host. If the host has not joined, you will hear JAWS say something like "Waiting for Host to Join." Once they indeed join, abell sounds, and JAWS lets you know that they have joined the meeting. Hopefully, this helps.

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Hi all,

Gene, a Zoom meeting, if set up to be started by a "host" cannot be
entered unless the host has opened it.

Is this a private meeting or a public one? Is there somebody in the
group who can contact the host to see if you can get together to test
before the meeting?

Ann P.

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