m.facebook.com site list question

Keith S

I have created several list to place friends in as to moderate who I share what posts with in regards to friends.  When I started creating thsese list groups  I would go to the person's profile and would do a page search for lists and then hit enter, and it would give me a list of radio buttoned lists that I could put a radio button b cehck mark next to if I wished to put that member in a particular list
I went to put some people in one specific list, a recipe list that I share recipes with, and the only 2 lists that came up were close friends and good friends.   there is a edit box and a button that says "create list", but when I typed foodies in the edit box, and hit the create list button, FB told me that list was already in existance.  Anyone know how I can have the lists show up again?

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