Re: Concerning Notepad

Veronica Kirk

That did remove Notepad with those other files as part of Notepad from where it was on my computer. 


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You can remove files from that list by tapping the Applications key to open a context menu with three items--Open, Properties, and Remove from list. Select this latter menu item and pres ENTER to remove the selected file from the list. Note that this does not delete the file, only its name is removed from the lit.




On 3/10/2020 5:53 PM, Veronica Kirk wrote:

On my windows 7 computer, using Jaws, after the search edit box is a list of programs one of which is Notepad submenu.  When I right arrow after submenu, there is a list of files from a tutorial I had downloaded.  How would I go about deleting these files from Notepad?  Your suggestions would be very much appreciated.




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