samsung curve 4k UHDTV accessibility, roku, and accessible tv content?

David Mehler


Is anyone using a Samsung 4k UHDTV? If so, does it have inbuilt
accessibility? If so, since I wouldn't be the primary user of it, can
accessibility be turned on and off via a toggle?

I don't know anything about this tv, my knowledge of tvs is back in
the nonflat screen days. If anyone knows what a curve 4k UHDTV
means/does please let me know.

If accessibility is toggleable on this tv I guess my next question is
how do I get content? We have a thing called a roku around that was
dropped off. BTW my lack of current knowledge is most likely coming
through in that I know what a roku looks like but not what it does.
Pointers/knowledge appreciated.

I've also got a spare Raspberry Pi 3B+ that I could put on an OS
called OSMC which looks like a media center/kodi app whatever that is,
not sure if it is accessible either.

If I can get something accessible working, and actually use this
thing, aside from looking at it and using it as a paperweight, i'm
wondering if there's still SAP programming around, at least meant
separate audio programming I believe.

Any input appreciated.


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