Re: Using Zoom

joseph hudson <jhud7789@...>

Hi Jean, you only need to sign in if you're hosting the meeting. If not, you can hit the button that says join the meeting. And then you can type in the meeting ID. I know I'm a little late with the reply, but if you need to make a few practice runs you can definitely let me know and I will let you use my personal zoom meeting room. To do any testing.

On Mar 9, 2020, at 4:08 PM, Gene <> wrote:

I didn't know what system Accessible World uses now since Talking Communities disappeared. I see its Zoom. I installed it but I really don't want to spend half an hour or an hour looking through documentation and hoping things work tonight without the ability to test things first. All I see when I run the Windows program are some buttons I can tab through, such as join meeting, sign in, and the version number. There are no menus accessible with alt. there is nothing on the screen I can see with screen review techniques. Do I have to be connected to a meeting before the interface becomes available?


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