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Enhancements in JAWS 2020.2003.13 (March 2020)
The following is a list of improvements made between the February 2020 release and the March 2020 update.
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• In Office 365 and 2019, JAWS and Fusion now properly announce column and row titles for tables in Word documents when navigating using JAWS table reading
keystrokes (ALT+CTRL+ARROW keys). For users who prefer to turn off reading of titles while navigating tables for the current document or for all documents,
these options can be configured through JAWS Quick Settings (INSERT+V) by searching for "table" or "title."
• If the view in Outlook 365 or 2019 is set to show messages by date, JAWS and Fusion will now indicate using both speech and Braille the date change when
you move from one day to the next in messages lists. For example, as you navigate a list of messages covering multiple days, when you move to the first
message in the new date group, you will hear announcements such as "today," "yesterday," "last week," or "two weeks ago."
• In Microsoft Teams, addressed an issue where JAWS was not always reading as expected when navigating between messages in a conversation thread.
• Resolved an issue where Microsoft Teams would stop responding for several seconds when CTRL+BACKSPACE was pressed to delete a word in a chat edit field.
• Added a new Language Processing group, located under Text Processing in Settings Center. This group now contains the options for configuring language
detection which allows JAWS and Fusion to automatically switch to the appropriate synthesizer language when encountering text in documents and web pages
in different languages.
• In response to customer feedback, the keystroke to display the text of the current control in the JAWS Virtual Viewer so it can be selected and copied
has been changed to INSERT+SHIFT+V. In Microsoft Teams, this command will also virtualize the currently selected item in a list of messages in a conversation.
• The PC Cursor is now active by default in the Weather, News, and Windows Store applications. Since this cursor now works much better in these apps, it
is no longer necessary to use the Touch Cursor.
• JAWS now indicates when text on a web page is marked as deleted or inserted.
• Addressed issues with JAWS and Fusion not always reporting the correct information when navigating tables in Chrome and Edge Chromium.
• When using the ARROW keys or Navigation Quick Keys to move between controls on web pages like check boxes, resolved an issue where the visual highlight
was not properly tracking the location of the Virtual Cursor.
• Addressed an issue where pressing Navigation Quick Key G to move to graphics on web pages was not working as expected in both the Chrome and Edge Chromium
• Addressed a customer reported issue with JAWS not identifying edit fields on certain websites in Chrome.
• If Contracted Braille input is enabled and you select all text in a document using CTRL+A, resolved an issue where using the Braille command LEFT SHIFT+D
(DOTS 1-4-5) was not deleting the selected text as expected.
• Removed extra blank lines that were appearing in the JAWS Virtual Viewer when using WINDOWS Key+SEMICOLON to display comments in Word documents.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where attempting to use voice aliases to indicate attributes such as bolded text were not working when using Vocalizer
• Resolved an issue where the emoji for a red heart was being incorrectly spoken as a black heart.
• When using the Wikipedia Research It lookup source, only the link to the article is now displayed. Due to changes with the Wikipedia website, JAWS is
no longer able to retrieve the synopsis.
• You can now press INSERT+SHIFT+B in either desktop or laptop keyboard layout to obtain battery status and charging information as well as network connection
status. You can also still use CAPS LOCK+SHIFT+B in the laptop keyboard layout to read this info.
• Added a new dictionary entry for "endnote" that is specific to the Eloquence synthesizer to improve this announcement for Fusion users. Other synthesizers
like SAPI5 and Vocalizer Expressive already speak this correctly.
• Resolved a long-standing issue where configuring individual punctuation settings for a voice profile using the Voice Adjustment dialog box was not working
properly. For instance, if you set the punctuation level to None for the PC Cursor voice, but leave it set to Most for the JAWS Cursor, Keyboard, and Tutor
and Message voices, JAWS should now use the correct punctuation setting depending on the active voice.
• Updated the JAWS Hot Key Help (INSERT+H) for Skype to remove references to the Back button that existed in prior Skype versions and is now no longer
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