Re: Possibly Entering the "smart phone" world

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Howard, a Samsung S25G? That's one from Samsung I've never heard of! What
you should know though is that Samsung toys run the Android OS. In one of
my many sisters' signature line, she writes: "The Thinking Person's OS"; I
may have paraphrased it a bit, but she'll see this and straighten me out
soon enough!

I will strongly suggest that before you make any choices, please consider
visiting a phone store to grab a few smart toys in your hands. I contend
that the one that FITS SNUGLY IN YOUR HANDS is yours, run with it. So, if
that happens to be an Android toy, great! Be sure that it is running at
least Android9 or 10. Android11 is slowly being beta-tested and could be
here before year's end. Please listen again to the tv ad you referenced and
let's be sure we have the Samsung version being advertised correctly

Samsung DOES MAKE some pretty cool toys for the Android world; it's one
company that DOES WELL at giving you the best of two worlds: Example, you
can have TWO SCREEN READERS competing for your interest. These are
VoiceAssistant and Talkback! The former WILL COME preinstalled, the latter
will have to be installed from the Google Play Store.

I'll turn off the lights right here and watch for your response in this
space and, if necessary, I'll take things private and try to help you out
that way as best I can., If you do choose Android over iOS, let me possibly
be the first in line to welcome you to Androidville! Please bring your
patience and a rugged determination to be a tinkerer that's ready for fun.
All the very best sire!!

Denver, Colorado

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