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That’s why I have a low regard for technical support.  They love to give answers bhy formula, whether the answers match your problem or not, and whether the answers make logical sense or not.  I don’t know how long you have to wait, but with a modern computer, you would have to be loading an enormous amount of programs to have a long delay, as you appear to be describing.  Also, if this is a new problem, why suddenly, would loding of whatever you have been loding be a problem.  It wouldn’t, unless you have dramatically increased what is loaded. 
And their answer is completely beside the point.  They should know that the programs they are discussing don’t load on the login screen.  They load after you log in.  So they told you to do something that is a complete waste of time. 
I don’t know what the problem is and I don’t know if you will ever know.  Keep these alternatives in mind to almost eliminate the problem by working around it.
I don’t know what Windows 10 calls these things, but instead of shutting down regularly, use hibernate or sleep.  You should do a reboot of your computer off and on because if you don’t, performance problems will develop.  I can’t tell you how often.  You can experiment and see.  You may be able to go for many days before performance problems develop.  You may be able to go for five days or a week.  You may have to reboot sooner.  Rebooting a computer or completely shutting it off daily is completely unnecessary and accomplishes nothing. 

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When I start my pc up, when I turn it on, the log-on speech is very slow to load, I have to keep pressing tab before I can get it to speak, it should put focus straight on the password box, I get the windows start up sound, it says windows starting, then the speech itself takes for ever to load. I asked microsoft disability support, they said it was because I have too many programs loading on start up, but I have disabled loads of programs under msconfig and task manager, any ideas please? It is a windows 10 pro laptop.




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