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Hi Adrien.  I had the same exact problem last year, and my boot time got a lot better when I turned off “fast startup.”  I know that it kind of sounds contradictory because you would think that fast startup would be a good thing, but it seems that, with it enabled, your computer never shuts down all the way.  I know that many out there are smarter than I am and will have better ideas, but this one really helped me.  Anyhow, if you want to try it, here’s how I was told to do it, and it helped.


  1. Do Windows key with X.
  2. Arrow down to Power Options and hit enter.
  3. Tab over to additional power settings and hit enter.
  4. Tab once to choose what the power buttons do and hit enter.
  5. Now, you land on a link called “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and hit enter.
  6. Tab over to turn on fast startup (recommended), and make sure that it is unchecked with your spacebar.  You want this item to be unchecked.
  7. Tab over to “save changes” and hit spacebar.
  8. Now, you can alt-F4 out of settings.  Shut down your computer the proper way and restart.



I hope this helps.

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When I start my pc up, when I turn it on, the log-on speech is very slow to load, I have to keep pressing tab before I can get it to speak, it should put focus straight on the password box, I get the windows start up sound, it says windows starting, then the speech itself takes for ever to load. I asked microsoft disability support, they said it was because I have too many programs loading on start up, but I have disabled loads of programs under msconfig and task manager, any ideas please? It is a windows 10 pro laptop.




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