Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Admiral Mike's brilliant, humorous unsubscribe instructions reads in part:

"press control, alt, delete, caps lock, shift, number lock, escape and tab

Shall I move over to the Navy? Looks like you all have five hands and 50
fingers over there, and I'm right here trying to waste two hands and ten
fingers assuming I can count right.

Well, thanks for letting me LAUGH QUADRUPLY HARD at a time when I'm
preparing for a lockdown!

The signature line reads in part:

"I didn't stop shaking hands because of, COVID-19, I stopped because noone
can buy toilet paper!
But, good news! Due to the hording of toilet paper the LA Times is
temporarily changing it's name to: The Daily Wipe!"

Ok, I'll start selling, selling and reselling toilet papers immediately!

Now I'll tiptoe back to my bunkers; thanks again for a good laugh, this one
I'll keep for eternity!

Denver, Colorado

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