Re: The Blaze ET, do you like it?

jan howells <gale7978@...>

I have the station on the Victor Reader Stream. If you need a computer for the Blaze ET, I will be looking for a home to sell it. I traded someone a $900 piece of equipment that I had, but of course I would not sell this for that much as it is less than that from HIMS. I do like the fact that you can record from fm radio on it, though. I am unable to get anything on the fm, but that is because I live where there are a lot of mountains, and I am living in an apt building that has 11 floors in a highrise. That is a lot of concrete and steel. There are medical buildings all around with medical equipment interference. I would have to find out how much this is from HIMS, and then make it less. I did not know that you needed a computer to use it, or I would not have traded.

Jan Howells

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