Re: two questions about outlook 2019.

Carolyn Arnold

To set up folder press Control+Shift+E.

To move to a folder press Control+Shift+V.

Making the BCC field show in Outlook 2013 - from Rosemarie
on list
1. Open outlook and hit control N to start a new message.
2. Hit the alt key to go to the ribbon.
3. Hit P for options.
4. Hit B for blind carbon copy. Voila! You're done!
5. This is an item which has a
checkbox associated with it, which means it will remain
enabled until it is disabled. This is also a toggle which
means this BCC field can be disabled from showing by
repeating steps 1 through 3.

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Thanks, Hi all, first off how to you set up the BCC field in
outlook 2019. Secondly, what is the keystroke to set up
folders in outlook 2019 Thanks, Jim

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