Re: Accessing Google Smart Lock on a web site

Norma A. Boge

So does anyone want to actually answer my question?

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Yes, more and more sites are allowing you to log in using your google account. I don't recommend it either.

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It may not be a good idea to sign into multiple accounts using Google, Facebook, or any such sites. If I understand what this feature does, and I may be wrong, it allows you to sign into various accounts using Google or perhaps Facebook or something else. If you get hacked, or you are hacked on Facebook or Google or other such sites used in this way, your logins will be available far more easily.

Others will, I hope, comment on this feature. It sounds like it does this, but I haven't heard of this specific message.


On 3/25/20, Norma A. Boge <> wrote:
Hey group,

I just went to eBay and heard the following:

Accounts picker from Google Smart Lock. Sign in to eBay with Google: 2
accounts to choose from.

It seems to go away pretty quickly and I don't know the keystrokes to
take advantage of this cool feature. It's the first time I've seen this option.
So, if anyone can help me access this, I would appreciate it. I'm
J2020 and, of course, Chrome.

Thanks, take care,


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