Re: Facebook live stream problem


I'm not sure if anyone can say without more information. What sorts
of download speeds are you getting in general? Streaming doesn't
require a fast computer or a lot of memory and you have much more than
is necessary. My guess is that the stream is playing well the second
time because either some sort of caching is going on, information is
being temporarily saved from the first stream, or the file is being
temporarily saved on your computer.

It is important to know your general download speed in trying to
figure out the problem.


On 3/27/20, Loy <> wrote:
When I watch a live video on Facebook, it will stop and start with pauses ,
but if I watch it as a repeat it plays fine. Could this be a problem on my
end or the broadcaster end or something in between. I have a fast windows 10
Pro computer, 8 meg memory.

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