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Walter Ramage

Hi Carlos. Yes, I fully understand. I didn't follow the previous thread
fully, only the odd email now and then so I didn't get the heated parts but
what I've posted was purely for information and not to stimulate a
discussion so if you drop the thread, there is no problem on my end.

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Hi Walter,
I don't mind some friendly discussion on this topic, but the last time it
came up a couple of weeks ago, things got a bit heated and out of hand. I
did personally contribute so I take my share of the blame, but I may have to
request that the thread be closed if it happens again. I hope you

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Subject: [TechTalk] Driverless cars, podcast

Hi folks. about 10 days ago the BBC radio 4 consumer programme You
And Yours had an item about driverless cars. the reporter went to the Tokyo
car show and took a ride in an automated car. They travelled at high speed
on a motorway at the rush hour period and then the driver switch to full
automation. The car speeded up it's self and slowed down on it's own plus
changing lanes and indicating, all automatically. I think It would be
interesting if the technology progresses then at some point in the distant
future a blind person might sit in such a car and give commands via a touch
screen and be able to change destinations on the fly. If you want to listen
to the podcast I've downloaded the programme which just became available for
download and edited out the beginning of the programme, leaving the last two
items. If you want to listen then the download link is below. Walter.


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