Re: talking radio?

Gerald Levy

Out of curiosity, I searched myself, and found a US-based seller that has the Sangean PR-D17 for about 77 pounds, or about $95 with free overseas shipping to the UK:


On 3/28/2020 3:18 PM, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:

Okay, since this radio is no longer available on, try  Just type "sangean pr-d17" into the search field, and see if you get any results.  If you can find a new one for about 77 pounds, consider buying it.


On 3/28/2020 11:14 AM, Billy Inglis wrote:
i Gerald, unfortunetly DO not ship to my region.

On 28/03/2020 10:35, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:

Amazon is currently selling the Sangean PR-D17 for $74.53, their lowest price ever:


On 3/28/2020 4:07 AM, Fanus wrote:
Look at the Sangean pr-17, it is amazing.

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hi guys, Looking for a talking radio from Amazon if possible.

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