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lance allison

I am not sure on a phone that cheap I guess. but when you hold down the home button and you hear a noise and then it doesn't you don't have to wait for it to speak but you just say turn off TalkBack make a call turn on Bluetooth things like that and it work on your average phones I know that does but I have never heard of that one so I'm not sure. but go into both TalkBack settings and text to speech settings and check all your options and then go into Google assistant and make sure you have your user interface setup to what sounds comfortable or usable for you and then try that it's very customizable so you have to make sure you've got everything turned on and off right sorry

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020, 8:48 PM Joe Giovanelli <joegio100@...> wrote:
Olusegun, thank you for writing.

I hoped the idea you mentioned would work but it didn't.

I have made some calls by moving to Google Assistant. When it opens, I can make a call.

The trouble is that I never am sure that Assistant opens. I get no indication that it opened.

I should have said that I unlock the screen before trying "the magic words."

My phone is by ZTE, called a Blade Force. I was told by some that my phone is terrible, and that it would be best not use a phone which operates on CDMA.

Is there a setting to make? Indeed, is it a useless phone, and that I lost $69, the cost of the phone?

I am sorry if I dumped too much on you and the list.

Joe G.

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> Joe, can't you just say the "WAKE UP" phrase, "Ok Google or Hey Google,"
> listen for the beep and then issue your instructions to GoogleAssistant? 
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