Re: HP preinstalled software question


I'm not at all clear about the sequence of events. Did you just get
this computer? If not, have you had it since it was new and did these
problems just begin? At this point, no one can address the question
of what might be causing these problems properly because we know
nothing about if you had the machine and it worked properly and these
problems just started or the previous history of the machine, such as
if you got it refurbished or from an owner.


On 3/29/20, Keith S <> wrote:
the computer is over 2 years old.

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But if this is a new machine, why bother? Will installing a clean
version of Windows void the warranty and the return policy? If a new
machine has something obviously wrong with it, I wouldn't try to
repair or correct the problem. You wouldn't do so with products in
general. Why not just return it for something else? Manufactured
computers shouldn't have any such problems. The description, taking
five minutes to load a web page is completely outside of any expected


On 3/28/20, Rob Hudson <> wrote:
> Gene <> wrote:
>> Preinstalled software wouldn't cause this problem. If it did, the
>> company would be bankrupt unless it did something about it.
> To add to this, it certainly isn't helping you, either. Go ahead and
> it.
> There are all kinds of packages preinstalled on these things that you
> really need, like McAfee and background maintenance services, and photo
> packages. If at all possible I suggest doing a fresh, clean install of
> from a Microsoft provided iso. Wipe everything and start clean. That's
> I did with my new Dell a couple of weeks ago.

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