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That is essential information to address your question. Evidently,
either the computer can't run Windows 10, which I consider very
unlikely, a two year old computer should be able to do so if it is a
standard computer, or something resulting from the upgrade is causing
this problem. You may need to go through the restore procedure that
results in a completely clean copy of Windows 10 being on your
computer. Others can discuss how to do it, but it can be done using
your current installation of Windows 10. Whether that is the first
thing to try, those with more technical information can discuss.


On 3/29/20, Keith S <> wrote:
I received the computer some 2 years ago for christmas. I installed jaws as
window eyes was purchased by jaws.

the computer first had windows 7 or 8 on it, not sure which one. Microsoft
was offering the free upgrade to windows 10 due to them announcing that
windows xp would no longer be supported.

My wife's cousin, wwho is a jack of all trades (including fixing his own
computer when his wife and children install programs that cause issues on
his system) upgraded the computer foor me to windows 10.

The computer is extremely slow, if I select to open notepad, the CPU starts
working overtime, the internal fan is audible, and the system slows to a

The computer has 8 gigs of ram on board from the factory, and due to the
fact that I am moving from windows xp and window eyes to windows 10 and
jaws, I am dealing with a double learning curve. I assumed that the jaws
and windows 10 just did this (slow systems down so much that I can go to
the bathroom or make myself a pot of coffee while I wait for a program to

Not to mention that when trying to load a webpage on firefox, I can
literally be waiting for 5 minutes before the page actually loads.

The computer came direct from a warehouse my wife's company has for "gift
point" purchases and had not been tampered with or what not since they
recieved it from HP.


I know I just need to purchase tutorials for windows 10 and jaws and just
suck it up, but the money is not there and has not been due to we being one
of the lower 20% in the income pbracket here in the USA.

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I'm not at all clear about the sequence of events. Did you just get
this computer? If not, have you had it since it was new and did these
problems just begin? At this point, no one can address the question
of what might be causing these problems properly because we know
nothing about if you had the machine and it worked properly and these
problems just started or the previous history of the machine, such as
if you got it refurbished or from an owner.


On 3/29/20, Keith S <> wrote:
> the computer is over 2 years old.
> Keith
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> But if this is a new machine, why bother? Will installing a clean
> version of Windows void the warranty and the return policy? If a new
> machine has something obviously wrong with it, I wouldn't try to
> repair or correct the problem. You wouldn't do so with products in
> general. Why not just return it for something else? Manufactured
> computers shouldn't have any such problems. The description, taking
> five minutes to load a web page is completely outside of any expected
> bahavior.
> Gene
> On 3/28/20, Rob Hudson <> wrote:
> > Gene <> wrote:
> >> Preinstalled software wouldn't cause this problem. If it did, the
> >> company would be bankrupt unless it did something about it.
> >
> > To add to this, it certainly isn't helping you, either. Go ahead
> remove
> > it.
> > There are all kinds of packages preinstalled on these things that
> don't
> > really need, like McAfee and background maintenance services, and
> > packages. If at all possible I suggest doing a fresh, clean install
> w10
> > from a Microsoft provided iso. Wipe everything and start clean.
> what
> > I did with my new Dell a couple of weeks ago.
> >
> >
> >
> >

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