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Hi Keith,

I have no idea what that technician told you but the male end of the
cable is the plug that one inserts into the port and the female is the
port where one inserts a plug.

Your Android phone or tablet may be able to use what's called an OTG
cable that allows one to connect either a regular USB keyboard or a
thumb drive to the device. That would allow you to type and have some
navigation capability via the USB keyboard. You may also use a
Bluetooth keyboard to achieve the same result.

The OTG cable called the short cable by Humanware, was designed to
only work with the Stream/Trek; they made the plastic surrounding the
actual male plug in such a way that it will only work on their larger
female ports. Why they didn't use a regularly designed OTG cable is
beyond me.

A magnetic cable will minimize the amount of wear and tear that
accrues through the daily plugging and unplugging of a regular USB
cable due to the fact that the tip of the magnetic cable remains
inside the charging port after one removes the charging cable; one
doesn't unplug and replug it in.

Below are links to where one can purchase these items.

OTG cable

Magnetic cable

Stay healthy,


On 3/30/20, Keith S <> wrote:
Okay, please bare with me:

In my history of using USB connections in comptuers and other devices, I
have been confused by the terms in which to use in respect to the ends of
the various cables and connection ports.

I have heard the terms male and female used a lot, but then, when my wife
bought a smart TV with work award points, we had a guy come out and he
confused me even further in regards to the male and female terms for the
different ends or connections of the coaxial cables he had to plug into the
various devices.

So, here is my usage of male and female in respects to USB connections, and
please correct me if I am wrong.

The male connector is a thin rectangle plug that would be inserted into a
slot (the female end or connection).

Micro USB or standard USB, I use the male term to refer to the plug that is
slid into or inserted into a slot or "hole" if you will that is the same
dimensions as the plug.

In regards to the coaxial cables the tech guy was connecting to the tv and
the other AV equipment for the home entertainment center, he said that the
male connection was the part with the thin copper wire that is inserted
into the threaded knob connection. He said that it is not based on the
outside connection, but rather the inside connection.

If this is right, then should not the USB connections be termed male and
female in the same manner? The large USB plugs have a hollowed out
center, right?

I'm so confused.

The reason I am asking is that I have a smart phone and for the life of me,
cannot learn how to use the touch pad. Perhaps it is because the people who
have tried to teach me are sighted and well practiced in the use of a touch
pad smart phone, or perhaps it is because the local Bureau of blind services
does not do face to face work with clients, or perhaps it is because I am
too cheap to buy a tutorial for use with the android operating system, or
perhaps it is because I am just stupid.

But, I was told taht you can use a plug in converter that would allow you to
plug in a standard USB keyboard from a computer into the
smart phone.

I tried the short cable from my VR stream, and it does not fit. It does not
have the 2 bump dots on the part that you plug into the charging port of the
VR stream, as a longer plug in tip, and seems to have a sharp edge on one
side. I have come across charging cables like this and they do not fit into
smart phones, but do plug into the stream's charging port.

I am wondering if there is a specific type of male micro USB connector that
would be better for charging the stream to prevent wear out of the charge
connection and save me a lot of grief and money in getting the main circuit
board replaced in any future stream I get from humanware.

Okay, that's it. As if there weren't a lot to process in what I just got
done typing.

My fingers hurt, I'm going to go ice them down.

Thanks to anyone who can answer any of the above questions.


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