Re: enlarging print in notepad?

Carolyn Arnold

Oh, Note Pad; I used Word for my sign.

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Let me first say that since I use Outlook Express as my email client the printing font size is controlled through IE11. I don't know what controls print size with other email clients.
When I want to print something from Notepad it doesn't print out as the size font I want / selected in Notepad. So, what I do is paste it into an new email and print it from the email. Below are steps:

In order to change your font size for printing from Outlook Express follow the steps below.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Open the view menu with Alt + v.
3. Arrow down to Text Size and press enter or just press the letter x.
4. Now just arrow up and down to the font size you want and press enter to check that sselection.
Personally I use the, Largest, setting.

It is the same procedure when printing through Window's Mail.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool.

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It may well change both but since I don't know, I don't want to assume. I haven't worked with font sizes and printing in programs.
You can change the font size and see if you are curious and don't want to wait for other comments.


On 3/31/20, Troy Burnham <troyburnham34@... <mailto:troyburnham34@...> > wrote:
Hi Gene,

I mean what prints on a printer, I thought that the size on the screen
was the size that would end up printing on the printer.

What size font would make normal-sized printing? My mom tells me that
when I write something in notepad and when I print it out that the
print is too small both on the screen and on the printed page.



On 3/31/2020 3:46 PM, Gene wrote:
Do you mean what appears on screen or what is printede by a printer?
I don’t know if this enlarges both. You can see.
Open the menus. Right arrow to format.
Down arrow to font. Press enter. Tab until you get to a combo box
where you up and down arrow to change the size. Find the size you
want, then tab to and activate the ok button. Read current line
before you change the setting so you know how it was originally set
if you want to return to the original size.
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*Subject:* [TechTalk] enlarging print in notepad?
Hi all,

I'm using windows 10 here, is there a way to make the print larger
when typing in notepad?



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