Re: bluetooth keyboard for use with smart phone?

Keith S

Are the keys cramped on the keyboard?
I only ask because I have a laptop (full sized) and the keys are all flat topped with no tactural differences except for the two keys on the home line ( the f and j keys)
Makes it very difficult for me to differentiate the different keys.  so, I use a USB keyboard plugged into the laptop and I can type with ease.
I have a bit of neuropathy in my fingers and  don't want to put money into something I am going to get frustrated and not use.
Thanks for the info

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Keith, there are myriads of keyboards out in the wild.  It will depend on
whether you want a pocket or full-sized one.  The most common one used by
blind folks is the iClever BK03 which is pocket-sized; that is to say that
it will fit snugly in a coat pocket or the big chest pocket of a shirt. It
is a trifold keyboard and has a built-in ion battery.

Check for pricing and availability.  The keyboard is quite easy
to setup and I believe that, if there are NO DEXTERITY ISSUES, you'll be
able to set it up on your own without any pair of eyes!  Fell free to yell
at me privately if you need more assistance; good luck and all the very

Denver, Colorado

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