Re: BlindShell Classic

joseph hudson <jhud7789@...>

Hi Nancy, my contact information is below. I know it is late now but you can gladly give me a ring in the morning if you want. I will be glad to speak with you. And by the way, I do remember our discussion.

joseph hudson

Technology support for the blind or better known as Mack, IOS and Windows support

FaceTime, iMessage, and email

Telephone/what's up messenger


Emergency cell




On Mar 31, 2020, at 8:44 AM, Nancy Hill <> wrote:

Hi Group,

A while ago I had considered the Blind Shell Classic and had some questions. A kind person who had a Classic contacted me and now I can not find his contact information. I am thinking his name was Joseph/Joe and I would appreciate it if he would contact me again.

I have more questions and would really like to get his opinion on a couple of thingsthat have come up.

Many Thanks,


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