Re: bluetooth keyboard for use with smart phone?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hello Keith S.:

In truth, I have not read up much on neuropathy in the fingers. I ought to
though, especially since I am in the DME business line where keeping up with
the CONSTANT CHANGING RULES has become nightmarish for me and several chaps
in the business.

Back to the bluetooth keyboard thingie; the keys may be CRAMPED TOGETHER
somewhat, but I've HAD NO PROBLEMS typing and navigating on My Shiny Android
toys using it. Granted, I only use it when the need to TYPE REAL LONG TEXTS
become necessary. The keys do have to be cramped together somewhat to allow
for the trifold methinks!

That said, based on the info you shared in your post, I'll suggest you take
a hard look at the Logitech line. The K380, K480, and a few others are
popular amongst blind bluetooth keyboard users. Matias bluetooth keyboard
is also popular, does cost a tad more. The RiVo2 is yet another; many iOS
enthusiasts run with this one, but it is my understanding that it does work
with Android toys as well. It specifically designed for use by the blind,
looks like LS&S Group has it, and Devine Medical sells it through If memory serves, it does cost well over $300xx; not sure you
want to SHELL OUT that much on a bluetooth keyboard.

I'll defer to others to FILL IN THE MISSING BLANKS with respect to the
Logitech offerings; my last rendezvous with a Logitech bluetooth keyboard
caused me to acquire one that DIDN'T FOLD and also required me to type in a
paring code which I've never had to do with any other bluetooth keyboard I
play ball with. So, I gave it away to an international student I mentor.
Good luck, and I hope you'll find something you can play with; may be when
the lockdowns are lifted, you could take a trip to a nearby computer store
and play with a few bluetooth keyboards before purchasing one.

Denver, Colorado

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