Re: BlindShell Classic

Abbie Taylor

I'm also considering purchasing the Blind Shell Classic phone. Mystic Access now offers a free tutorial that can be downloaded from their site at You'll need to search for the product, and you'll find the link to download the tutorial on the product page. They also did a free class in February on the subject, and you'll find a recording of that on the free downloads page.
Mystic Access is now distributing the phone. What's more, for an extra $19 set-up fee, they'll activate the phone with a network that uses the A T and T tower. This network only charges $20 a month for unlimited talking and texting and 1 gig of data. The down side is that you have to install the battery and sim card, which is something I've never done with a cell phone, and I'm not particularly mechanically inclined. Otherwise, it's a good deal. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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