Re: is victor stream second generation the same as victor stream new generation


Hi Joanne,

The only brand new victor Reader Stream being sold is the Victor
Reader Stream 2nd Gen also called latest or newest gen. The other
portable Humanware book reader is the Victor Reader Trek which is its
own device, not the next Stream or anything like that, has the GPS and
the above described Stream bundled together in one device hence the
higher price.

I hope that helps.

Stay well,


On 4/1/20, joanne <> wrote:
I was going to order the VR Stream I had that had podcast downloading
capability and the ability to download books from Bard. It also has Internet
Radio and Audible--several things I know first generation didn't have. So I
hear it referred to as second or third generation, but recently I see it
called New Generation. I don't want the Trek; it would be the one they came
out with before VR Trek. Thanks for clarification.


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