Re: BlindShell Classic

Abbie Taylor

Thanks to all of you for your feedback. I'm in no hurry to get this phone. I'll probably wait until I get the extra money the government is promising us as a result of this health crisis, since I have other expenses to deal with right now including paying off my other phone from Verizon, which I bought last fall with a monthly payment plan. I'm just trying to get some information now before I jump in headfirst, so to speak. 
According to Alexa, the nearest Consumer Cellular store is 967 miles away. So, that won't work. It looks like Laz's offer is the best deal, but I have a couple of questions. Unfortunately, these things aren't covered in the Mystic Access tutorial.
First of all, is voicemail available on the Blind Shell Classic phone? I imagine this depends on the network. So, Laz, does the network you use offer this?
Also, how do the plans work? Does the network send me a bill each month, or do I need to do something to keep it going each month?
Yes Ann, I'm aware this phone doesn't have the capability to download third party apps, and I don't need that, since I can download such programs on my BrailleNote Touch Plus running Android 8. Thank you for reminding me of that, though.
With these amazingly low prices for plans, I keep thinking there's got to be a catch. I hope someone can answer my questions and tell me to quit looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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