Re: program to stop speakers from going to sleep?


Here is a link to a small and evidently not well known utility that keeps soundcards and presumably speakers connected to them awake. 
It is a Dropbox link on my account.
I don’t use it because I don’t need it so I can’t tell you definitely anything about how you run it.  I think you just place the file on your machine and run it.  As I seem to recall, from discussions I’ve seen elsewhere, there is no installation.

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Sent: Friday, April 03, 2020 10:45 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] program to stop speakers from going to sleep?
hello all,
does anyone happen to know, if there is an accessible bit of software that will send a little sound to speakers, say once every 8 or 9 minutes?
I have got some new speakers that I use for my speech, but they have one very annoying feature, they go to sleep after a while if nothing is heard through them, which I find very annoying, and there does not seem to be any way of disabling that feature.
I also need to be able to select which sound system the sound comes through, as it would not be the default one.
hope that all makes sense.

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