Re: A couple of GoldWave questions

Samuel Wilkins

Hello Steven, the auto trim has now been changed to Trim Silence.  To get to it, go to edit, the trim sub menu, and choose silence.  Alternatively, you can press control backspace to access the trim silence dialogue.  To change the rewind and fast forward speed, press F11 and you will find yourself on the play tab.  Shift tab to the rewind and fast forward edit boxes, and you can then change the settings to the speed you want.  Hope this helps. 

On 04/04/2020 01:01, Steven Johnson wrote:

Good day everyone.  I have a couple GoldWave questions for those of you who use it.  Where do I find the autotrim feature?  I have some sound files with a long silence at the end, and I remember that earlier versions would scan for silences at the beginning or end of files and remove them.  Also, I used to be able to make GoldWave rewind, fast forward and play even faster than the change of speed that you get with shift-L and shift-J.  It seemed that you could make GoldWave rewind up to 4 times faster than the fastest speed attained by doing shift-L a bunch of times to speed it up.  Thanks for your help.


Samuel Wilkins

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