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Richard <thegothot@...>

Hi Kerryann,
I found a similar issue on a Linovo laptop running Windows 10, and I finally
had to reload the laptop.
Of course this was after exhausting all other options, including
going into accessibility settings and making sure all of the features
pertaining to the keyboard were correct or disabled.
A system restore did not make any difference.
Good luck,

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Hello again,

No there is no alternative keyboard and the thing is it seems to be with the
HP brand of computers. My student purchased one last year and the problem
was there and died within six months (the laptop not the student).
Theatre gave him replacement unit and the issue occurredonboth systems. I’vealso
worked with a 3rd computer of the same make and model and the same thing
occurred on that unit.

Thing is that when the right alt is pressed, it does not performs regular
task; e.g. Alt=f4 won’t close the programme.



On 3 Apr 2020, at 1:17 PM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

What happens if you use the shift f10 command instead? That does roughly
what the context menu key does, though it may not bring up exactly the
same menu in all places. Also, are you using a directlhy connected
keyboard or a portable one? Portable ones don’t always send the proper
codes for some operations, at least on some computers.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know a fix for a laptop running windows 10 and JFW18 that
whenever the right Alt keys pressed it behaves and says that “alt+Ctrl”
has been pressed. Any ideas on a fix?

Thanks for any suggestions

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