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If I had a computer and I wanted more storage space, I would get a USB
external hard drive. You can just copy and paste all the material,
I'm talking about things like audio, video, documents, etc. to the
external drive and you can get terabite (spelling drives or larger.


On 4/4/20, Smiling? <> wrote:
You will need to get yourself a software that will successfully image your
one drive so you can then place this same data upon the new drive and then
you will most likely want to resize the drive after transferring your image
seeing as you stated that you were interested in going from a 500GB to a

I myself would use Image for Windows to accomplish this, but there are more
software's out there than just Image for Windows and some cost nothing.

TeraByte Unlimited :: TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite ::
for Windows:

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I am thinking about installing a larger hard drive on my laptop, how do I
clone my 500 Gig Dr. over to a 1 TB drive?

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