Re: BlindShell Classic

Abbie Taylor

Thank you, Carolyn, for the tip about AARP. I'm only 58. So, I don't think I'd qualify. Give me a couple of years. Meanwhile, I'm still looking forward to purchasing this phone.
One other question came up just this morning. I make a lot of conference calls. During one such meeting this morning, I found out that a friend of a friend can't make such a call on her cell phone without pay 1 cent per minute. Has anyone noticed this issue with AT&T?
I doubt this would be a game-changer. Normally, I can't make these calls with Vforizon because I only have 700 minutes per month. Since I don't have a land line and don't see the need for one, I have a yearly plan with Skype that allows me to make these calls. So, even if I can't make these calls with AT&T, I'd still be paying almost half of what I'm paying Verizon now with unlimited talking to boot.  

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



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