Re: Question about jokes


Would you be interested in accessible joke apps? I have several that I can send you links to.


 Hi Group:

I posted this to the Blind Apples group but no one knew of anything so I thought I would ask this question here. Sorry for the repeat message for any of you who are on the other list. Does any of you know if there is an application that you can get for your phone where you can get jokes every day? If not, is there something you can join where they could be texted to your phone? If not, that's fine. I was just inquiring. It would be nice to have something sent every day just to have some laughter in these tough times. I used to subscribe many years ago to email lists but I don't do it anymore because I'm on the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Someone suggested Google assistant but I'm not sure how to use that with an Apple device.


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