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The following snippet is taken directly from the Lucia web site:

Lucia is a 3G mobile phone. AT&T has announced that it will be shutting down its 3G network in 2022. T-Mobile has not yet made an official announcement regarding when it will shut down its 3G network. Should both AT&T and T-Mobile shut down their 3G networks before you are able to use Lucia for 2 years and 10 months, you will receive a discount when you purchase the 4G version of Lucia. To take advantage of this offer you must return your 3G version of Lucia to RAZ Mobility and the device must be operational. This offer is valid only if a 4G version of Lucia is available when your 3G phone is in need of replacement. This is your only remedy when both AT&T and T-Mobile shut down their 3G network.

Don't hold your breath.  This statement has been on their web site for a long time, and there is still no 4G Lucia phone, which probably means that the manufacturer has decided not to produce one due to poor sales of the 3G model. It has been "out of stock" since sometime in 2018.


On 4/6/2020 1:33 PM, TerriLynne Pomeroy wrote:
Hi Carolyn,
Gerald said that it is no longer available, but that it was $300. I didn't
look to confirm his statement, but the site which I was looking at said that
these phones were among the free phones you could get through the Obama plan
to give cell phone access to everybody.


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How much does that phone cost? 

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Has anyone tried this phone? Here is some info:



The philosophy behind Lucia is straightforward: it is an easy-to-use
alternative to a smartphone.  It is also 100 percent accessible thanks to
its very intuitive voice guide.


The phone supports talk and text only; it does not support data.  However,
despite this fact, it offers quite a bit of flexibility and some very
interesting features. 


Physical Description

Lucia is five-and-a-half inches long,
three-and-three-quarter inches wide and three-quarter inches deep.  It fits
nicely in the hand and has a sturdy feel.
The display is two inches wide and a little more than one-and-half inches
high.  The display is very bright, but people who are blind can turn it off
to save battery power.

The buttons are large and well-spaced. The tactile feel is excellent thanks
to the fact that the buttons on the T9 keypad are concave.  The buttons used
to navigate the menu system, place a call and end a call are different
shapes and colors.

At the top of the right edge of the phone is a circular button that serves
three functions: when pressed while at the home screen it provides the time,
date, battery strength and signal strength.  When long pressed at the home
screen it turns the voice guide on or off.  When pressed elsewhere it
repeats whatever is on the screen.  The button below this is a square button
that amplifies the audio while on phone calls.  This feature is for people
who are hard of hearing.
The final physical feature on the right edge of the phone is a slider that
is used to power the phone on and off or to lock the phone.  On the left
edge of the phone is the volume rocker.

On the top edge of the phone is the hole for a 3.5 mm jack.
On the back of the phone is the SOS button, discussed in detail below. 

The back panel can be removed to access the battery compartment.  The
battery is replaceable, which is a nice


The Voice Guide

The Lucia phone has a voice guide that allows users who are blind to use
every feature of the phone.  This is the phone's real "magic."  While it
speaks everything that is on the screen and everything that is pressed, it
actually does considerably more than that.  For example, if I am in the Call
Log menu, the display might show that I have a missed call from "Robert."
But the Voice Guide says, "one missed call from Robert."  So, in some cases
the Voice Guide
provides more information than the display itself.

In addition, the Voice Guide provides other useful information, such always
saying "Lucia is ready" when the user is at the Home Screen, allowing the
user to always know where they are in the menu system, and tell me when the
charger is connected or disconnected.  Also, the Voice Guide has a "Talking
Watch" which speaks the time. 

The Voice Guide can speak in a number of languages, including English,
Spanish and French, and the user can select different voices.  The Voice
Guide audio can be made quite loud for those who are hard of hearing and is


Making Calls

There are three primary ways in which someone who is blind can make phone

First the user can simply dial the number from the home screen.  As the
digits are pressed, they are announced by the Voice Guide.  The Voice Guide
can also repeat the entered digits, if needed.  If you delete a digit, for
example the digit 5, the Voice Guide will say "5 deleted."

Second, the user can go to their Contacts, scroll through the various names
as they are spoken by the Voice Guide, and press the Call button when the
user hears the name of the person that they want to call. 

Third, calls can be placed directly from the Call Log, which provides an
option to dial missed calls and previously dialed numbers. 

Lucia does not currently support voice dialing, but this feature will be
added in the future.  Having said that, calling with the help of the Voice
Guide is extremely easy.


Accessing Missed Call Information

Blind users can access missed call information with the assistance of the
Voice Guide.  Lucia will provide the name of the person who called (if the
caller is in the contacts),
as well as the call's time and date.   

Users will be notified of missed calls with a chime.  If desired, Lucia can
be programmed to vibrate, as well.  Also, when there is a missed call or
missed text message, the LED light will flash blue, which is useful for
people with low


Sending and Receiving Text Messages

Lucia's Voice Guide allows users who are blind to send and receive text
messages.  While typing a message with the old
T9 keypad takes some time to master, the process of sending and receiving
messages is very simple.  And text can be edited with ease. 

Users will be notified of incoming messages with a chime and Lucia can be
set to vibrate, as well.  As with missed calls, the LED light will flash
blue when a text message is


Entering Contacts

The blind user can enter contacts independently.  With the help of the Voice
Guide, the process is intuitive and simple. 


Status Information

The Voice Guide provides a number of pieces of information that fall into
the "status" category.  Specifically, it will speak the battery level, the
signal strength, the time and date and the name of the wireless provider.
This information can be accessed by pressing the Status button on the top
right edge of the phone while at the Home screen.
Moreover, the user can customize the information that is spoken.  In other
words, if the user wants Lucia to speak only the amount of battery remaining
and not provide the other status information, this can be done. 


Setting Alarms

Lucia has a comprehensive alarm system.  A user can set a one-time alarm or
repeating alarms.  For instance, the user can set an alarm to go off every
morning at 9AM.  The alarm can be accompanied by a reminder message.  For
example, the message can say "remember to take your medication."  Lucia
can save hundreds of alarms at one time.       


SOS Button

Lucia has a physical SOS button at the back of the phone.
To prevent unintended activation, the button must be held for three seconds
to activate.  When activated, the phone starts calling up to five emergency
contacts stored in the phone.  If one of the called persons does not answer,
Lucia will call the next person and so on, until someone answers the call. 

The majority of people who use Lucia will be seniors, so this feature should
be quite useful for many users.  It provides an additional layer of security
at no additional

Like all of Lucia's features, the SOS feature can be set up by someone who
is blind, with the assistance of the Voice Guide.


Features for Low Vision

As discussed above, the buttons are large and nicely spaced.
The buttons on the T9 keypad are concave to provide an excellent tactile
feel.  The buttons used to navigate the menu system, place a call and end a
call are different shapes and different colors. 

The display has good contrast and supports seven different color schemes.
Font size is not adjustable class="table-bordered" but large, and the most
recently typed character is always displayed in extra-large font size.  For
example, when typing a phone number, the most recently typed digit is one
inch high; the other digits are almost half an inch high.


Wireless Service

Lucia is unlocked and operates on AT&T, T-Mobile or other wireless providers
that operate on one of those networks.
Plans for unlimited talk and text are available for as low as $19 through
prepaid wireless providers, such as Red Pocket. 


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