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Well actually now I have two people one of them is asking for the tutorial. So if you don't mind dropping the link at me that would be nice. The first one which is a higher parcel, might be able to deal with it. I need to check with her and see about the Torio for her. The second one he has a very difficult learning disability and is now wanting to look into getting a new phone and he thinks that this is possibly a phone from England that the text to speech did not work very well.

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As with many other things about that phone, you have to use a work around if you are originating and not replying to a message. Because the phone requires so many work arounds, if your friend intends to use any but the most simple call and answer ability, I would urge you to listen to part or all of the presentation so you can evaluate the suitability of the phone for that person. Or yu may tell him about it if he wants to hear it and decide if he wants to use the phone. I don’t know which, if either, is ;preferable. The person may, if he is not technically proficient, be put off from the phone, although if you are working with him, he may not be.

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OK, thanks. That definitely answers my question thank you.
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Ifh you are asking about the Alcatel Go Flip3, you can send and read text messages. If you want more information, see my presentation for Accessible World on that phone.

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether the Alcatel phone has capability of Reading text messages with speech and if it is able to send messages meaning you are able to use the physical keyboard with speech. Looking for a client.

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