aluminum diagramming foil for tactile graphics and perkins braillers

Josh Kennedy

Can the aluminum diagramming foil for tactile graphics, the kind that comes in the APH tactile graphics kits... Can it be used in a perkins brailler? How heavy of paper can a perkins brailler take without breaking or jamming it? Also can the electric perkins brailler, the one costing around $1030 from maxiaids or perkins products braille on the same kind of paper or do braillers have to be specially adjusted to braille on heavier paper? Last, how much louder is the electric perkins brailler versus the standard manual perkins brailler? Is it as loud as the index braille embosser or romeo braille printer I have the privilege to play with for a few weeks. Well I did and I decided a computer driven industrial embosser that can print magazines and hundreds of pages per hour is not for me. So I'll be giving it back soon once the coronaVirus stuff is over with. I just want a brailler that is better than my manual brailler that I can afford and that will let me type much faster without the keys jamming like as what happens if you try brailling too fast with manual braillers, its just how the manual ones are designed thats all just like manual typewriter keys can jam if you try writing too fast. I am used to writing with note takers and computers and want the same experience from a perkins brailler and it seems the electric brailler will give me the computer-like typing experience i want. and i see from the parts list the electric perkins brailler uses solenoids to do the brailling just like a braille printer for computers uses solenoids.


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