Debating about the best windows tablets and deals


Hi, guys.
I’m not much for Windows, gaming is out of the question. But my partner and I are struggling to find a 4 GB of ram windows tablet thing, but I’ve narrowed the choice to Lenovo or HP, not Dell. Trust me, the Dell 11 venue Pro that my partner had broke and never came back to life. lol
Asus tech support doesn’t strike me as very helpful if that thing breaks, and I did have a broken Asus thing, a laptop. I’ve got lots of tech so I can possibly help with modern tech support, but still, I use it a lot for me. I want to make sure I function on practically anything.
Anyway, please send me links to any recommendations you guys have for good windows tablets. Also, do you get lots of malware on those? Sound off, and stay healthy and safe.

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