Re: Chrome taking a while to start up


Go into Settings and open the Advanced tab so to speak and down arrow to
Restore settings to their original defaults
Hit enter and I would imagine that it will ask you again if you're sure. OK
it and put everything back to its defaults as I am sure you were trying to
accomplish when you uninstalled and reinstalled. Just set everything back to
the defaults via the menus as said above and start from fresh because as you
already mentioned, you have a second machine running Chrome, where you can
import your various settings etc.

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I have a PC with Windows 7 32bit and the Chrome browser installed on it. The
issue I'm having is that it takes a long time for Chrome to initially start
up when I press enter on it's icon from the desktop.
It takes about a minute whereas Firefox loads in 2 or 3 seconds. I've tried
uninstalling Chrome several times and reinstalling it without any change. I
have another PC with Windows 10 and Chrome loads in 3 or so seconds when I
press enter on it's icon.

Any suggestions to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks for any help

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