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Steve Matzura

Also, how much electricity does it use? There's probably a kilowatts-per-hour rating on it, or it should tell you how many amperes of current it draws, from which the number of kw/h can be calculated.

On 4/11/2020 2:05 PM, Vicky Vaughan wrote:

Hi Mike, How much are you charging for your “Heaven Fresh” air purifiers?


Thanks very much!


Sincerely, Vicky Vaughan



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I have a couple of heaven fresh 300 models which are both reasonably accessible.  They have buttons and the unit bleeps when the buttons are pressed.They also have an ultraviolet lamp inside which they claim will kill bugs and virus.    Filters last approximately 2 years if the units are in use 24 hour per day and 7 days a week.


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On 11/04/2020 07:18, heather albright wrote:

Hello, does anyone know of any accessible air

Purifiers? They the apartments said I cant get any knew air filters till all of this is over. So I needed away to clean my air around me. I just want to know has anyone found one that is accessible either with buttons or threw the app! It would have to be a stand alone, not one that is connected to my air AC  unit; it is not allowed! Thanks stay safe everyone Heather

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