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Curtis Delzer

Now hey guys, let's not forget the fantastic game provided by Nick Adamson, how to drive a London Ungerground train,
go to

and check it out. Sure it takes some time to get to know as to how, but the richness in sound effects, and how it works is astounding as to how much effort was put into it.
It will reward a good look for sure.

Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA


On 4/11/2020 2:36 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:
Thank you so much.  I forgot that was Kitchens Inc.  I really enjoyed playing them when I used to come over.  Are they free? When I download this on my computer, what will happen and where will it go?  Will it be on my desktop?  Thanks in advance.  I just want something easy.
On 4/10/2020 10:38 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Kitchens Inc games work great on my computer.
You can get them all in one package at the following website.

On 4/10/2020 9:52 PM, joseph hudson wrote:
I like playing dice world.
On Apr 10, 2020, at 10:44 PM, Shelly Kane <shellykane323@...> wrote:

         Hi Group:

I was wondering if any of you know if there is any easy game for the computer, Amazon Alexa, or smart phone?  I have tried stop but it's not accessible for me and I don't really care for the app.  I like games like Hangman and stuff that is easy.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Easy directions please!


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