Re: accessible air purifier

Steve Matzura

If an air purifier attracts dust, isn't that what it's for? If the dust isn't being trapped by the internals of the machine, then the fan isn't strong enough, and I wouldn't consider owning that model.

On 4/12/2020 4:01 AM, Mike Gurney wrote:

Hello Robin

This machine does attract some dust but I think that is inevitable because of the way air purifiers work.  As they suck the air and all that it contains towards the unit, it inevitably attracts some just Etc. which doesn't make it right inside the machine.  I find a regular wipe around and over the unit will keep it to an acceptable level.  I have used my machines both on top of cupboards and also stood on the floor.

The one in my bedroom is never turned off and provided I wipe it over it isn't a problem.  I also VACUUM the grills which helps keep the dust issue to a MINIMUM.

  I believe Heaven Fresh are based in America.

Best wishes


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