Re: Saving the URL from an Internet Radio Station as a .pls or .m3u playlist file


I went to the url given and chose an example stream. The listen live is the url of interest.
Download that file, using a text editor the actual active url is given, in the example:

When fed to a media player the stream started. There are more examples of a stream in addition to pls and mu3; as the above illustrates.

I have used this method several times to find the active stream url for web stations.

On Sat, 11 Apr 2020, Gene wrote:

Here is the page:

If you want to search for a station, use your sscreen-reader???s find command to look for the word search. Be at the top of the page when you use the find command. it???s a link. Follow it and you will be on a search page.
There is an edit field, use the letter e to move to it and search for a station.
When the results page comes up, use your screen-reader???s find function again and from the top of the page, look for the word results.
Then start looking down.

If the result you want has a play in media player link, that???s the one you want to follow. You may find two links, something like play in browser and play in media player. If you follow the media player link, the stream will play in your default player. You can book mark it in the player itself or you can probably copy the link itself to the clipboard. If you want to know how, I???ll explain it in another message.

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You may find streams you can use by using the Bill Sparks radio page. I???ll look it up and send it in a later message.

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Hi Steven,

I have done this in the past with mixed results. If the player is a JAVA based player, lots of luck. The only way to get a streaming address when the player is a Java player is to use a program like IP Sniffer and pick from several IP addresses that show up under the program. I know sighted people who have had good results doing this, but the program is largely inaccessible with JAWS and NVDA.

On 4/11/2020 1:19 PM, Steven Johnson wrote:

I am messing around with the Blaze ET, trying to load a few of my favorite streaming radio stations. I know that I need to take the URL of a stream and make a .pls or .m3u playlist file out of it. My difficulty is finding the right URL that will make a stream start playing when pasted into the address bar of my browser. I can make the stream play within my browser, but the URL that shows up on my address bar when the stream is playing never seems to work when I save it as a favorite, or copy it to clipboard and then try to open it by pasting it on to my address bar. Anyone ever monkeyed around with this and had success?


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