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Curtis Delzer

the Jim Kitchen suite of games.

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On 4/12/2020 8:11 AM, Marie wrote:
I apologize for asking, but have not been following this thread, so what is the app being discussed here? Thanks
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Shelly, try the Skunk game.  It is very simple but becomes kind of
addictive once you start playing.  Also, you might enjoy the Casino
suite which includes Blackjack, Roulette, Slot Machine and Draw Poker.
On 4/12/2020 4:43 AM, Shelly Kane wrote:

I was able to go to the desktop and type the letter K and I found it with no problems.  I actually played Hangman and I stunk at it.  It has been a long time.  I really enjoy that game.  Can you recommend any of the other games in that package I just downloaded?  Not really into sports.

Donna, you had suggested that I download game world and I did and I got my account all set up but had no idea how to start games and how the whole thing worked.  If you wish to write off line, please do.
Another problem I had is when I closed the app and then opened it again later, it crashed on me several times.  Have you ever had this problem before?  I called Apple Accessibility and the agent was terrified when I opened the app.  It was a strange picture of an ugly looking cat and it lasted ten seconds and then the app crashed.  I will try downloading it again like he suggested but if this is going to keep happening, I won't bother using it.  One more question, how do friends find you and how do I find friends?  Thank you all for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.


On 4/11/2020 9:10 PM, Dave wrote:
Hello Olusegun,

<Slight laugh>  I think Grumpiness happens when you Care too much about
something, but can't do a darn thing to change it.

But, if you Need Grumpy Lessons, I probably could enroll you in the Next
"Intro to Grumpiness" class.   Let me know eh?

As for the Backgammon lessons-

I would think you should be able to Google for the Rules of Backgammon.

However, if you would like the Personal Touch, I could call you, or you
me, and you could have your Backgammon board and I mine, and I could
walk you through the basics.

If you have ever played "Aggravation", or Parcheesi" or Trouble, all of
these Games are similar to Backgammon.

The one thing Backgammon has, that adds a great deal to the Game is the
Doubling Cube.

Since Backgammon is a Dice game, there is a great deal of "Chance"
involved.  So much so, that a Beginner player, could beat an Expert
player if they were to only play one game.  The beginner player happen
to roll some great Dice, and the Expert couldn't roll Doubles if he had to.

So, what most do who are serious Backgammon players do,  is to play a
Tournament.  Which is an agreed on number of Games.  Say 10 Games, or 50

At the start of the Game, that game is worth only One Game.  So if you
should win that game, you can put that one game in the Win Col um.

Where the Doubling Cube comes into play is when Grumpy Dave is playing
against Olusegun
, and Dave looks at the Board and the placement of his Pieces, and the
placement of your Pieces, and notices that he is ahead.

Dave could then take the Doubling Cube, and place it on your side of the
board, as he says, I Double you.  by my doing this, I have just
challenged you to raise the worth of the current Game to be Double of
what it had been before.  Since the game was worth only one game, to
double the worth of that game would now make that game worth two games
to the person who wins that game.

Now if you hear my challenge, and you take a look at the Board and the
arrangement of the pieces, and you determine there is no way you will
win, you can refuse the offer to Double, and at that point the game is
over, as to refuse the offer to double is an automatic Forfeit of that

Because the nature of Backgammon is very fluid, a couple of bad dice
rolls and a couple of good ones by the opponent, could easily turn a
losing game for you, into one that is now a winning game for you.

As the game progresses, perhaps the advantage has swung in your
direction, and it is now you who looks to be winning.  You could then
challenge me by stating that you are Doubling me, and if I refuse, you
win two games, since that is what the game was worth when I refused the
offer to Double.  Now if I accept your challenge, the game we are
playing, is now worth 4 games.

the Doubling cube goes all the way up to 64.

So if that game is now worth 4 games, the winner would be able to add
four games to the win column.

Having this Doubling Cube adds a great deal of extra energy to the game.

There is much more to the game, and you can read the rules, but the best
way to get an idea is for us to talk by phone, and for both of us to
have a Backgammon game in front of us as we talk.

Back in the 1980's when this game was much more popular, I almost
Monthly would lower my Rent by $50 as my Land Lord was an avid player,
and we would play for money.  In his case I had to give him money, or
take him out to some place for dinner, or lunch, and if I won the
Tournament, he would play to a limit of $50 lost, which he would then
take off of my next months rent.

Backgammon is my all time favorite game, too bad it's popularity has
gone down to just about Zero.

Perhaps the game is still popular within some cultures from other
Countries.  But, have never checked this out.

Let me know if you want to talk by phone for some Backgammon
instruction, and we will make arrangements to make it happen.

Grumpy Dave

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