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Walter Ramage

Hi  Thanks, that is helpful.  My internet useage is basic; browsing, file downloading and on line banking etc.  Walter.


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Browsing is browsing with any browser that supports the Virtual PC Cursor, as JAWS calls it, or browse mode, as NVDA calls it.  If you want to change settings, the interfaces of the browsers are different from Internet Explorer, but just for browsing, you will use all the same commands you have been using if you use JAWS of whatever version and if you use NVDA, all or just about all the browsing commands will be identical.  I don’t know if your version of JAWS works with Firefox.  Firefox went through internal changes ;perhaps a year ago and I don’t know if your version of JAWS is compatible with it.  If it isn’t, when you open Firefox, you will get a message that you need to upgrade JAWS, whatever it says, that’s what it amounts to.  But you needn’t worry about using NVDA with whatever browser you want, for just browsing, there will be very little to learn.  You may want to learn screen-reader commands such as read current line, read title bar, that command is the same in JAWS and NVDA, and perhaps a small number of others, such as controling the speaking speed and such commands but if you want to use JAWS in general and NVDA for browsing, if you don’t want to learn more about NVDA, you don’t have to.


But you may want to.  At some point, you will switch to Windows 10.  You may want to learn NVDA so you can switch whenever you want without learning what you need to know about Windows 10 and the screen-reader at the same time.  That is, of course, if you don’t want to continue using JAWS at that time, and you will have to upgrade JAWS then.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Jaws, NVDA & Google Chrome


Hi All.  I am finding that increasingly web sites won't support I.E. and although many still do, it is happening more often that they are instructing me to get a more up-to-date browser and I think the time for doing so has arrived.


I am at this point using Jaws 17 on this computer and I'm not at this point able to upgrade to a higher version but that means I can't use Google Chrome, at least not to it's fullest potential.


I'm just trying to think of the options I have.


One option is to use Firefox or Brave but will I get full function whilst I use Jaws 17 with these two browsers and if I would, which versions of either of these two is the optimal for using with Jaws 17?


Another option is to use NVDA but would I get full function of Google Chrome if I did use NVDA.  If I could stick with Jaws that would please me the most as I am familiar with that screen reader.


Whether I go for Firefox, Brave or even Google Chrome or even use NVDA I will have a learning curve and I wonder which would be the least troublesome.


Opinions and observations are welcome please.  Walter.



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