Online Service Ideas

Sharon Hooley


I've been thinking about some things people can do online for certain kinds of social gatherings. You may have heard of the My Local Meetups service, where people can join or create groups for a specific interest, such as fishing, going to movies together, etc. But do you know if there's a My online meetups, so to speak, where we can get together with like-minded people on platforms like Zoom? For example, I would especially enjoy meeting with sighted people who can help me learn to build electronic projects via video so they can guide me to place parts correctly onto a base grid, or it can be just a group who enjoy goofing around with technology devices.

Another idea is, does anyone know if there's such a thing as a kind of online software mall where developers sell their apps, especially those that are accessible?

If not these two services, do you have any sugestions for starting things like that? Any response would be greatly appreciated.


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