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Steve Matzura

The guy who made Pontes Media Downloader also has an accessible and networked Backgammon. I own it, but have never once used it because I don't know anyone else who has it.

On 4/13/2020 8:28 AM, Norma A. Boge wrote:
Hey Grumpy Dave,

QuentinC's playroom has Backgammon. This site has games with which you can play with other members from around the world. Large selection of games, and it's free. You can check it out at


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I too have one of those Bop-it games. Never heard of the Extreme version, what is that like?

I love playing mine from time to time. Can't get anyone else to play it with me. No one likes Memory games but me in our family.

I have an Old Old Simon Game that is also one of my Favorites, and no one wants to play that either. Boo Hoo!

Grumpy Dave

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