Re: which browser to choose?

chris judge

I'm guessing you'll be kicking and screaming sooner rather than later. There are a number of excellent resources for learning to use chrome or edge. Dean Martino just released a book called Get cracking with chrome. I think it's available from NBP. It's excellent.

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So am I. That's all I've ever used. Pam.

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From: Carolyn Arnold
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 10:19 AM
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I'm still using IE, and pretty much will be kicking and screaming with a change.

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I am still using IE. I am running Win10 and jfw 19 or 20. I can update with no problem if necessary.

I saw the following in an earlier post:

"Use the latest Edge "Chromium based" just like google chrome with JAWS

What is the difference between Edge Chromium Base and Google Chromium?
Is one easier to use than the other?



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