Re: which browser to choose?


I once was a long time I.E. user, then started using Firefox. Which
worked OK.

I now am using a browser called "Brave", which is some kind of a off
shoot of Firefox.

It is much faster, and keep the Ads from invading.

However, there are some web sites it just does not read all that well.

In those cases, I fall back on using Firefox.

I avoid Chrome, more because of their Peeping Tom reputation.

I am not attempting to over throw any government currently, but just
don't care for the thought of big Brother watching every where I go,
what I look at, and so on.

My home Page is Duck Duck Go, and with Brave, which is also to be very
Security oriented, I at least have the illusion of not being watched
every time I venture out onto the internet.

I can say that I never get Ads wanting to sell me stuff from sites I
have visited.  I get no Ads what so ever about anything.

Brave is not all that Screen Reader friendly, but it is friendly enough,
I can use it for what I do with it.

Grumpy Dave

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