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Troy Burnham

Thanks Steve I'll give this all a try. It's individual youtube files that I need to adjust the volume for, in this case old baseball games that were actually originally television games that I'm converting to mp3.


On 4/13/2020 7:52 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
A few MP3Gain basics:

In the program's post-installation (default) state, the gain is set to 89% which is jut fine for 99% of needs. I work on a station that wants 92%, and that's easily accompllished by editing the field labeled "Target normal volume." I think, but won't swear to it, that the field after "Target normal volume" is for small increments when you use arrows to scroll the values in the "Target normal volume" field, the default being 1.5%

To load a file or list of files, use CTRL/F.

To load an entire folder,uuse CTRL/D.

You can analyze a file or folder before applying gain to it, positive or negative, by choosing any of the items on the Analysis menu. Track analysis should be obvious; album analysis means analyze everything on the displayed list of files as if it were an album, applying gain such that each track's level has the same relation to the others that it did before gain is applied. What this means in practice is to analyze all tracks in the list, find out exactly how much to raise or lower the loudest one, then apply that delta to every track. Otherwise, every track gets raised according to its relation to the target volume level. If one track analyzes to 85%, it gets raised to 89.5% (1.5%*3); if another analyzes to 91%, it gets lowered to 89.5%. But in the case of analyzing as if it were an album, the track at 91% would be lowered by 1.5%, and so would the track at 85%.

You can apply gain changes without analyzing them first from the "Modify gain" menu. Two of the choices on that menu correspond directly with choices of the same names on the Analysis menu. I've used MP3Gain for twenty years and still don't know what "Apply constant gain" does.

Hope this helps.

On 4/13/2020 5:15 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

Okay I've downloaded and installed mp3 gain but how do I use it? It looks simple when I open it but I tried to paste an mp3 file into the list view I found and nothing happened. I also tried pasting it where it said edit 0 with no luck. Help please. I'll also need to know how to get it to work.


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